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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque located in Abu Dhabi city, the most important mosque in United Arab Emirates. The mosque covers a place of 30 acres and feature ability to accommodate 40000 worshipers. The tomb of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AI Nahyan, overdue visionary president of UAE additionally buried within the courtyard of this mosque.

the construction of grand mosque achieved between 1996 to 2007. Persian, Mughal and Moorish mosque structure styles are uaed for it’s construction. The 4 minarets located inside 4 corners of the mosque have peak of 107 meter. excessive cost marbles, gold, stones, semi valuable stones and crystals are the main fabric utilized by artists for the layout for the mosque.

The traffic can see ninety six columns inside main hall of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, they all are included with marble. The 99 names of Allah, God in Islam also written on Qibla wall of mosque the use of Kufic calligraphy.