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Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa is the maximum visible techno surprise of Dubai metropolis. it's miles the tallest skyscraper within the world, have height of 828 meter. Burj Khalifa built for blended use, contains three hundred homes, 9 motels and workplaces. The skyscraper consists of 163 floors in total and it additionally have become building with maximum occupied ground at 584 meter.

the development of Burj Khalifa commenced within the year 2004, designed with the aid of American architectural company Skidmor, Owings and Merril. the construction turned into finished in 2009 and Burj Khalifa formally opened on 4th January 2010.

As Burj Khalifa is half a mile tall the end of the building can seen from ninety five kilometers away. visitors also can discover the splendor of city from statement table of Burj Khalifa, from 124th floor. it's miles the second maximum statement desk within the world. At new yr occasion the constructing makes colourful firework shows, draws millions of visitors from everywhere in the international